Wednesday, April 7, 2010

We Love Grandma!!

My kids absolutely adore their Grandma!

Amelie talks about her constantly, and squeals anytime she finds out she gets to go see her. She loves to snuggle up & watch TV with Grandma, ride in her car, play at her house... Anything that has to do with Grandma!

Oliver grunts, smiles and giggles the second he sees her... That's usually reserved for Daddy, Mommy, Amelie and really yummy food, but Grandma now gets that reaction as well!

I've always said my kids were smart... This just proves it. Aaron and I love our kids' Grandma too!

I was playing around with my camera on Easter, trying to get a picture of mom. I got about 20 pictures of her laughing, blinking & turning away. She is quite possibly the worst picture getter I've ever met. NOT because she isn't beautiful, but because the camera must make her nervous or something! Anyway, I thought these pictures were really cute of her. It's bad photography on MY part (I'm sad that Oliver is so blurry! I'm working on my focusing!), but I love these pictures of her.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Sitting on Babies.

As I'm sure I've mentioned before, I've been babysitting Maya about 4 days a month. It's been fun to see the little girlies interact and grow up together. I take pictures of them all day long, but here are a few of my recent faves!

They were playing ring around the rosy...

Maya came over wearing clothes that Amelie also has, so of course, I had to dress them up as twins!

The coloring is off on these, but I don't have editing software, so you'll just have to deal with it :)

And, of course, where it all began!

Fine, I'll do it!

It seems as though NOBODY is updating their blogs very often these days, so I guess I'll go ahead and change it up a bit. Given the fact that I haven't updated since October, a lot has changed! Oliver is trying his darndest to walk and his personality is really coming out. Amelie is more & more fun every day... She's becoming a miniature human being now, it's crazy! Aaron is working away at Costco and just waiting to hear back on his financial aid so he can get back to school. I have been sewing my brains out. I am also trying to study to finally actually get my real estate license. In my free time (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA) I've been trying to figure out how to become a better picture taker. I don't want to say photographer, cause I will just never be that good (mostly because of my lack of free time). Basically, we are just living life and enjoying our little family (so much, apparently, that we can't seem to find time to blog about it). Here are a few recent pics to quench your thirst. P.S. Some of these were taken BEFORE I started trying to improve my skillz, so don't judge me...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

New Blog

I'm still using this as my regular blog... But, I'm going to be doing a sewing/craft blog. I'm kicking it off with a giveaway, so check it out!

Mama Loves to Sew

Monday, October 12, 2009

It's about time!

Oh man! I haven't updated this thing in MONTHS! Where do I start... Hmmm...

Alright... Oliver. Oliver is almost 5 months old (in a week)! Time flies by! I swear he was just a tiny little newborn, and now he's trying to crawl! He is THE sweetest little boy ever! He loves to snuggle, smile, laugh & babble. He just goes with the flow & barely ever cries. Even if he's starving, he'll be crying, but you smile at him & he'll stop to give you his big gummy grin! He scoots EVERYWHERE now, so I can barely leave him for a second! He will make his way all over the living room, searching out toys & whatever interesting treasures he can find. There's no way to explain him without using the words sweet, patient, loving, happy, laid back & determined. We love having him in our family!

Amelie & Oliver are seriously just the best of friends! It's so much fun to see them growing together. Amelie loves him so much & is such a wonderful sister. She brings him toys, tries to share her snacks with him, wipes his drool off his chin... If he starts to whine, she'll softly pat his bum & "shush" him... Or, one time, I said "Oh, Oliver, your little toes are so cold!!" and she ran to the sock drawer & brought a pair of (pink!) socks and put them on him! She's constantly taking care of him (free babysitter, woohoo! J/K, I swear), playing with him & letting him know she loves him! He loves her, too. His whole world lights up when she comes to talk to him. He thinks she is hilarious. We do too :)

(Okay, maybe he didn't think she was very hilarious at this moment...)
(I promise she has undies on here!)
(wiping his drool!)

Amelie is 20.5 months old. She is pretty much smarter than me & Aaron combined. We stopped keeping track of all her words that she'd say when she was around 17 months old... By then, it was impossible to track. She had HUNDREDS of words under her belt and was speaking to us in sentences like it was no big deal. She would literally copy every word we said! She knew all her animals & what they said. By 18 months, she could count to 10. By about 19.5 months, she knew her alphabet. She knows what every letter is, and can tell us a thing or two that each letter "stands for" (ie, C for Cat, T for Tree, D for Door)... She forced us to potty train her when she was 18 months old & was fully day trained in a day & a half! She just amazes us every day! She has the sweetest heart ever. She loves to help out around the house... From doing laundry & dishes, to picking up her toys, to scrubbing the floors & cleaning windows! She sincerely loves her friends and family & is so giving. She says please, thank you, excuse me, bless you & sorry all the time. She is definitely becoming very *ahem* opinionated, like most kids her age... But, along with that comes her fun, bubbly, talkative, playful personality that we adore, so it's a pretty good trade off! 

This seems to be a common predicament for both kids...

We've decided that she totally has OCD... She lines everything up just right, and likes things to be even. She is definitely a thinker. She loves puzzles, books & flash cards. She might be a nerd when she's older. We like nerds, though, so it's okay.

I've been babysitting Maya, and they have so much fun together! I was making lunch one day & looked down to find this... The funny thing is that neither of them are thumb suckers!!
(She was feeding her bear crackers with a spoon & getting him ready for the day! She's also been picking out her outfits... If you can't tell)

This was really funny... I was taking pictures of Oliver, cause he scooted himself backwards across the family room & almost down the steps... Amelie ended up flying down the stairs in the background! Crazy kid!

This is her new best friend. I asked Aaron to get some salt, cause we were out... We now own 25 lbs of salt. Amelie weighs under 24 lbs. We have less Amelie than salt. I should have known better than to ask a Costco worker to bring home some salt.